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about us


Digital Lines is a technology company which specialises in building unique projects.

Many projects we design and build today contain several key technologies such as voice, web services, e-commerce tools and sms & chat messaging

Loving a Challenge

We rise to any challenge and really enjoy building something that doesn't exist yet. So, however unusual you feel your idea might be, or however unlikely you think the combination of technologies are, please contact us?


Digital Lines - Telephony


We've been building telephony applications in the telecoms industry for over 15 years.

Which is plenty of time to build up a rich collection of ideas and skills to offer.

Building blocks

Voice can consist of VoIP, mobile or traditional fixed line telephony, digitsuite.co.uk is one of the more recent projects we have tackled using all of these.

If you can imagine it, we can build it
Digital Lines - Messaging


We can interface to all forms of messaging, we have built reliable routes for global delivery of all forms of short messaging.

For example, chat, sms, mms, wap push or ota phone settings.

Social Media

These days it's just not enough to think of messaging as just email or a mobile text message. The ways of 'getting a message to someone' that's available to people now is just staggering. To name a few ... Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Yahoo, Google and it goes on and on ...

Digital Lines - Web


We strive to produce ergonomic web applications working for people and not just something for technology sake.

Boostrap & jQuery

We employ two extremely reliable frameworks for building web applications. Namely Boostrap for style and layout and jQuery to manipulate the page and interact with the servers.

Built to a standard

Neat, tidy & built to a standard ... The more browsers that can display your web site correctly, the more people will see what you intended them to see..

Digital Lines - Mobile

Mobile Web

All of the web sites we build use responsive techniques, ie they reshape and size themselves to suite the device they're on.

However sometimes there's just a need for big buttons on a small screen with huge power under the bonnet. In that case you need a dedicated mobile website, built for nothing else.

Mobile Apps

We'll be honest here, this is not something we build ourselves, but we have a great selection of specialists we can draw on.



Is an online telephone switchboard that gives you total control of all aspects of your telephones and messaging. Jammed with all sorts of useful tools such as, hot 'desking', call recording, voicemail alerts and way more.

Mobile Unlocking

myphoneunlockcode.com is a mobile unlocking service with API links into over 200 sources. Unlocking a mobile lets you use any SIM card from any network. ( One of GiffGaff preferred unlocking partners )

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